Hotel Victoria – Skopje

You want an accommodation in a hotel in Skopje that is situated close enough to the city centre but yet far away from the city noise? If so, ‘Hotel Victoria’ is the hotel for you!

Hotel Viktoria Skopje

Hotel Viktoria Skopje

Hotel Viktoria Skopje entrance

Hotel Viktoria Skopje parking

Hotel Viktoria Skopje apartment

Being situated in a very pleasant climate area, far away from the traffic and the city noise and yet only 1000 meters from the city centre makes Hotel ‘Victoria’ an ideal place for your business trips, seminars and accommodation in general.

Hotel Viktoria Skopje room service

Hotel Viktoria Skopje bathroom

Hotel Viktoria Skopje bathroom

Hotel Victoria is modernly built hotel, thus still retaining the charm of the traditional Macedonian architecture. It has 2 apartments, 3 twin rooms and 6 single rooms, all of which equipped with air-conditioner, modern furniture, free internet access, direct telephone line, mini bar, cable TV (international channels) and private safe box. Another important amenity for our guests is the transportation to/from the airport on our expense if they are staying for more than 3 nights altogether.

Hotel Viktoria Skopje interior hall

Hotel Viktoria Skopje reception

The friendly and helpful staff will do their best to solve any problems that you might face with and to supply you with any information you need.

Hotel Viktoria Skopje restaurant

Hotel Viktoria Skopje two bed room

Hotel Viktoria Skopje two bed room

Hotel Viktoria Skopje bath jacuzzy

Hotel Viktoria Skopje bath

At our guests disposal is a bar, 24 hours-secured private parking lot, restaurant, a summer terrace and buffet breakfast included in the price. Our restaurant provides premium atmosphere, good service and tasty meals from the traditional Macedonian as well as from the International cuisine. The bar for our guests is opened for 24 hours.

Hotel Viktoria Skopje terrace

Hotel Viktoria Skopje terrace

Hotel Viktoria Skopje restaurant

Mention that you have found this hotel at and get a special pleasant surprise:

Hotel Victoria
str. Slave Delovski N°.18
1000 Skopje, Macedonia

Phone: ++389 2 3107600
Fax: ++389 2 3107610

Contact eMail:

Web address:
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Skopje the place that gave the world the Cyrillic alphabet

Exhibitions, concerts, trade developments, fairs, student exchanges, humanitarian aid, culture, education, tourism, sport – vital parts the beautiful modern city- Skopje-the academic center of Macedonia.

This town is the heart of the Macedonian metal-processing, chemical, textile, electrical and graphic industries. Skopje is the capital of Macedonian culture, education, science and economy.

skopje main orthodox church

ik bank skopje center

e65 skopje northern bypass highway

view at skopje from kale fortress

As a result of its tumultuous history, many nations live here for centuries. The official language is Macedonian. It is situated at an altitude of 254 m above sea level. Today, Skopje is a modern city but, at the same time an ancient with deep roots in the past and a rich history.

Coming here you can find monuments from the past that are found in and around Skopje including: the church of St. Spas, St. Panteleimon, the monument of Goce Delcev, the monastery of Matka. Actually, it harbours the seats of all states institutions, the Archbishop of the Macedonian Orthodox Church and other major religious communities.

Convincingly it is the major industrial, banking and trading center.

skopje stone bridge river vardar

stone bridge river vardar

soravia trade center skopje

soravija skopje center

The old name of this town is Scupi which in the past became the target of all attacks of barbaric tribes just at the time when Scupi was an architecturally developed urban settlement. Namely, passing from hand to hand through the succeeding centuries and under the military-this city developed on the left bank of Vardar. In this new era of the development, Skopje itself saw the formation and organization of a new modern city but a nation had gone unrecognized by many neighboring countries.

Today, Skopje is a place where many notable artists create and are presented many prominent authors in the world of arts. But what is the most relevant for all of you- visitors and tourists is of course the night life here. Skopje is very much a 24 hour city, where you feel perfectly safe wherever in the city you go. In fact, you feel safer in Skopje than in many others foreign cities you have ever visited.

skopje large detailed map all places

skopje kale fortress macedonian flag

skopje jazz statue

stara carsija old bazaar skopje

If I start writing mentioning the past, all monuments, bridges, hotels etc. it will never be enough pages to write the history of the Macedonian people and language. It was a place humiliated in the past but, respected in the present. A place where you can leave peacefully and feel safe out of reach, traffic jam and out of society.

skopje church macedonia

skopje national stadium


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Macedonia currency

Macedonian currency is Macedonian denar (MKD). The smaller currency is Deni, but they are not in use anymore. One hundred deni makes one denar.

Macedonia Currency

Macedonian Denar was introduced on April 26, 1992. At the time of its introduction, Macedonian Denar was equivalent to the Yugoslavian Convertible dinar. On May 5, 1993, Macedonian denar was denominated from being an Old denar to a New denar, with one New denar (MKD) being equal to 100 Old denar (MKN).

Macedonia Currency

Macedonia Currency

Currently, the exchange rate regime in Republic of Macedonia is what is referred to as a “managed float.” The denar exchange rate against the euro serves as a fundamental of the Republic of Macedonia monetary policy. Money supply and interest rates are dictated by the exchange rate target, which (as of mid-2005) is set at 61.5 Macedonian denars to one euro, and has remained more or less constant at that level. With this exchange rate target, Macedonian central bank (the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia) has been maintained a stable denar exchange rate against the euro.

Macedonia Currency

Macedonia Currency

Macedonian citizens and any foreign guests can freely exchange foreign money for denars and vice versa in the banks and many exchange offices.
Recently the new law is passed by the Macedonian Parliament about the use of the foreign currency. Services and goods in Macedonia, can be paid by denars only and not with foreign currency.

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Skopje Hotels Walking Distances
Macedonia Currency
Macedonian Wine Production
Football Federation of Macedonia
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Skopje History, Landmarks, Photo Gallery
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Why Is Macau the World’s First Choice for Gambling?

For those who think that Las Vegas is the world’s leading gambling destination, they need to step into the 21st century. There is a new king of the world when it comes to gambling, and that king is Macau. The Chinese territory was owned by the Portuguese for hundreds of years, but like Hong Kong it came back under Chinese control in 1999.

Like Hong Kong, Macau retained much of its independence after it became a Special Administrative Region in China. Although it is technically part of China, it still is administered under its own government. This government decided that it would look to gambling as a way forward once it was freed from Portuguese rule. This was a stroke of genius that has led to one of the world’s quickest explosions in economic growth.

The Chinese Are Gamblers

Of all the places in the world to open up a casino boom town, Macau is undoubtedly the best location. According to allpro the Chinese people love to gamble. It has always been a very important part of their culture, but the Chinese Communist regime outlawed all casinos after Mao took over. Though they have not had official casinos to play at, that has never stopped the Chinese people from enjoying games of chance.

With the sudden creation of a gamblers’ paradise just outside the Chinese mainland, it was a feeding frenzy the likes of which has never been seen before. Chinese visitors flocked to enjoy one of their favorite pastimes out in the open for the first time in their lives, and the boom was on. They have never stopped coming, and that has led to the creation of a casino city that takes in four times more revenue every year than Las Vegas does.

The visitors are both rich and poor. The poor arrive in cramped buses, blowing a month or two worth of wages in a few days. The rich are treated just like the whales that once flooded into Las Vegas during its heyday. These Macau whales are helicoptered in and shown the royal treatment, having every one of their whims catered as they drop millions of dollars during a single visit.

One of the things that is so impressive about the success of Macau is that its success is built almost exclusively on Chinese gamblers. While a few foreigners drop in from time-to-time, most of them are tourists who are already on vacation in China. Few foreigners make a special trip to come see Macau like they would other gambling destinations like Las Vegas or Monte Carlo.

Foreign Investors

The success of Macau has not been lost on gambling executives the world over. Australian and Las Vegas casino tycoons have built properties in Macau, and this foreign capital has created some impressive casino places like the Venetian Macau, a sister property to the original Las Vegas Venetian. It is the largest casino in the world with a staggering 550,000 feet of casino space for gamblers to enjoy.

The opulence of casino palaces like the Venetian Macau is for good reason. A staggering 75 percent of the revenue generated in Macau comes from the high rollers that these palatial casinos are designed for.

The splendor of these casinos is designed for the high rollers, but it also helps to attract gamblers of more modest means. As more and more Chinese continue to share in the financial growth of the country that is set to become the dominant world economic force in the 21st century, it stands to reason that Macau will continue to bring in more gamblers with each passing year.

Industry Challenges Facing Hoteliers Looking for a Hotel for Sale

There are several different individuals who may be looking for a hotel property for sale. There are retirees who have some money they wish to invest in order to enhance the quality of their lives and add to their pension. The second group are students who have graduated from an university and are anxious to put their new found skills and knowledge to work. Securing employment can be a challenge for some graduates and others simply do not wish to be employed by anyone, they wish to be in charge of their own fortunes and destinies.

Former employees who were once employed in the hotel industry in various different capacities have learned a lot of invaluable skills and have years of first-hand knowledge in the day to day operations of a hotel. Depending on the resources they have available, they may have to start a small hotel, inn, or guest house, which would allow them to start small and learn their way while getting their feet wet. There are several challenges that they will face as hoteliers that they will have to arm themselves with the requisite skills and knowledge to successfully overcome.

Operating Costs

Even for small scale operations the cost of doing business continues to rise. The cost of utilities are spiralling out of control with no indication of a downward turn. Guests have to take showers and their towels, sheets, and curtains laundered. They watch television and need the heat or air conditioning depending on the time of year. It is a fine line between conservation and impacting the quality of your guests experience at your hotel. 

Most hotels offer their guests the information on conservation and the option of conserving on energy costs and minimising their carbon footprint. Another option is for smaller sized hotels to band together to utilize and pay for services that can be shared between several users. This will give them the benefit of economies of scale which can be the difference between survival and failure in the present economic environment.

Communication Techniques

The world of communication is constantly evolving and has changed significantly in the past ten to twenty years from what it was before. Newspaper, magazines, and television were once the primary source for getting information about your hotel to the public. This was the primary source for getting bookings to fully book your hotel. While these means are still being utilised, they are no longer the only means or the top means of communication.

Social media is one the primary means of communication between most of the travelling public. Ignoring this new form of communication would be detrimental to the operations of your hotel. If you are looking for a hotel for sale it is important to know that most successful hoteliers are in constant touch with publicists.

This also includes whoever monitors their social media to be instantly aware of negative reviews and criticisms. These can be deadly to a hotel just as positive reviews, comments, and the likes can mean the difference between an empty or fully booked property.

These are some of the challenges facing the hotel industry, there will be new ones every day but investors continue to invest in this worthwhile industry. If you are interested in a hotel for sale in London visit Netmovers Hotel for Sale Section

Before you make such a big decison as buying a hotel, why not check out The Hotel Inspector, shown on Channel 5. You can view episodes online here

Sam Jones writes for Netmovers Commercial Department at Netmovers If you have a Google plus account, you can find Sam here

Seven No-Nos When Visiting Hong Kong

Seven No-Nos When Visiting Hong Kong

Avoid Doing These Things and Have a Better Trip

Photo by David Veksler / Flickr

If you’re thinking about a trip or vacation to Hong Kong, you’re in for the adventure of a lifetime – if you’re careful and know what you’re doing. In a city like Hong Kong – unique in many ways – it can be easy to have a bad experience if you make mistakes many travelers do. To help you out, below is a list of some of the top things you do NOT want to do if you’re traveling to Hong Kong for any reason. Read more »

Few Tips for Going on the TRIP With Your RV

What you can expect if you travel countries as a modern nomad.

modern recreational vehicle

If you are planning to spend your next vacation in your recreational vehicle we would like to recommend you a few things before you get on the road:

1. If your recreation vehicle is older than three years, you need to preform annual MOT test. Many RV owners are forgetting to preform MOT testing, just because they are using their RV just a month or two during the year. We know many people who postponed their trip just because they forget to preform their MOT test on time.

2. The MOT testing will show you what is going on with the technical and safety issues with your RV, but they will not inform you about what you need to take with you to increase your comfort during the travel. So it is in your discretion to supply your RV with fresh water, LPG, canned food, first aid kit or even fully stuffed medic bag and other things you will need during your trip.

3. Try to locate and find a car servicing garages which you can contact if you will have any problem with your RV. Write their telephone numbers and addresses on the piece of paper and keep it safe.

4. Try to search internet and learn as much as possible for the countries you would like to visit. Knowing a several basic things about the country and few words can change a lot. People everywhere just love if you can say “hello” or “how do you do” on their language. There is no country which is exception of this rule.

5. If you are planning to bring some friends with you, keep in mind that no everybody can be a pleasant company 24 hours per day in the next several weeks. Many friendships were broken after a few weeks in the confined RV space.

I had a few trips in RV together with a bunch if my friends. When I was a college student the RV trip was looking excellent way to travel and meet people. After a few years, marriage and a kid, RV trips are not that pleasant as they were during the youth years. I still recommend RV trips, but only if you do not have any commitments or you can get away a week or two from your every day obligations…

How to Greet Large Group of People

hotel greeting public speech

Very often hotels are accommodating a large groups of people who are arriving together, stay in the hotel a few days or more and then they all leave together. This can happen if some large company have a group meeting or team building event. Also there are organized tours where many people are traveling together and they all check in and check out in the same time.

This groups are large client for any hotel. It is easy to check in and check out or even accommodate hotel guests when they are arriving alone or in the small groups of two, three, four or even a dozen of people. Everybody in the hotel is doing his job and there are no problems. The real problem can show up when thirty, forty or even fifty people will arrive together and they are all expecting professional, fast and bespoke service. Read more »

Review of football slots game Soccer Safari

Just as football is the most popular team game in Macedonia and is played in just about every other country in the word as well, so too are football themed slots games the most popular of all sports themed slots games that are played at either real or online casinos. One of the more interesting of these is the slot game called Soccer Safari and it has some interesting origins. The game is based on the South African hosted World Cup. Read more »

The Popular Water Parks to Visit with Children in London

If you have kids and you are considering having lots of water fun with them, then London is the place to be. The parks mentioned below are some of the best water parks in the bigger London for you and your kids:

Brentford Fountain

You can have lots of water fun with your kids in this park. At the centre of the fountain, there are two pools. The leisure pool is best for kids to play with a 40-metre-long slide and a fitness pool 25 metres long. There are also badminton and footballs courts for kids. A kid’s timetable helps to organize the events in the park.

Wet n Wild

In this centre you will enjoy swimming activities and keep yourself fit. Two pools exist in the centre and there are swimming sessions provided. One of the pools is a fitness pool 25 metres long, divided to four tracks. The other pool is the leisure pool with two slides and a spa on the side. One slide is 65 metres long and curvy all the way down. A waterfall, wave machine, water jets and a 5-lane slide are other interesting structures found here.

Park Road Centre

It has a main swimming pool and a learner swimming pool for training. It is a good place especially if you are not sure whether your kid can swim without assistance. In the learner pool, swimming and diving lessons are offered by experts. The sessions offered feature the aquatics club, disability and diving sessions.

London Fields Lido

This is an outdoor lido with heated Buy Viagra water. It was closed for sometime but re-opened in the month of October, 2006. You can take your kids to this great place during leisure time and enjoy the heated lido!

Archway Centre

This leisure centre consists of an open leisure pool having a sloping beach. The water at this pool remains at 30 degrees hence quite warm for the kids. Other leisure features offered at this centre include a wave machine, two spas and amazing water jets. At times the centre gets busy to an extent of introducing a batch system where each group is given 90-minute sessions.

Read more »

Can You Use Electronic Cigarete in a Hotel

electronic cigarettes smoking hot girl

We already know – smoking is not allowed in the hotels and hotel rooms. But what about using electronic cigarettes?

Well… Smoking cigarettes is not allowed only because is a bad habit, but also because they are safety hazard. Some studies conducted by the hazard authorities are showing that not small percentage of the fires happened in the homes, residential, commercial or hospitality estates are started by the cigarettes. There are many stories how a smoker which was smoking in the bad feel asleep and the cigarette start the fire… Also there is consideration about other people who are not a smokers and smoking in their vicinity is considered bad for their health, because they are inhaling the smoke form the cigarettes too. This phenomena is also known as a passive smoking.

Many hotels have smoking sensors not only because smoking is not allowed, but also because is considered as a safety hazard.

With electronic cigarette many of Buy Viagra this reasons are simply false:

  • Electronic cigarette is not a safety hazard because there is no fire and ash.
  • Electronic cigarettes do not threat other people in the same room and passive smoking is not possible.
  • Electronic cigarettes are harmless to the smoker if they are using non nicotine e-juice. Read more »

Wonderful Islands to visit in New Zealand

When the name New Zealand is mentioned, a visual of many islands come to your mind. There are many large islands in the country, each with its unique attraction for visitors. However, there are two large islands where a great number of population lives. This is the South and North Island. The South island is the mainland because it is bigger than the rest. Here is a list of wonderful islands in New Zealand.

girl on the beach with cocktail

South Island: The South island is the biggest among the many found in the country. It has an area of 151, 215km square with a population of slightly over one millions. It is composed of 23 authorities. The island is famous for tourist activities that form its economic base. It is famous for electricity generation. For tourism, there are various activities in the island including adventure, sightseeing, climbing the glaciers, bungee jumping, kayaking, hiking and family camping. There are also national parks like Fiordland, Tasman Abel and the Westland national parks. There is also good sea, rail and road transport networks.

The North Island: It is the second largest in New Zealand separated from the North Island by Cook Strait. It covers 113, 729km square. There are 12 major cities in the Island making it among the best. This Island is best known for its bird and beautiful floras. Other tourist attractions here include national parks and other government-protected areas. The region is divided into nine local government regions.

The Stewart Island: It is locally known as Rakiura in the local Maori dialect. It is Buy Viagra located 19 miles from the South Island. It is one of the smallest Islands with a small population of about 400 people living in the Oban settlement areas. The island is famous for its fishing activities. It is also famous for the tourists. Tourists enjoy watching different bird species like Shearwater Sooty and Snares.

Chatham Island: Chatham Islands are formed as a group located in the Southern Pacific Ocean. In Maori, it is called the Misty Skies or wharekauri. It is named after the famous ship that docked here in the 17th century. The island takes the shape of the letter T. It is made famous by a lagoon and two bays. There are several settlements here including Kaingaroa and Peter Bays.

Auckland Islands: The Auckland Island is the bigger of Auckland islands and forms un-inhabited area in the Pacific Oceans Southern area. This is one of world heritage zones documented by UNESCO. It has a land area covering 510 mile square. One characteristic that set it apart is the rugged terrain and steep cliffs. Here, you will also get several peaks like Cavern and Raynal Mount Cavern. Within the Island, you will also get the Important Bird Area where millions of bird species breed.

There are also several small islands to visit. If you want to visit them, you have to search for the New Zealand passport site for more information. This includes Great Barrier Island, Resolution, and d’Urville, Campbell, Adams, Waiheke, Secretary, Arapawa, Pitt, Matakana, Raoul, Little Barrier, Rangitoto, Antipodes and Kapiti Islands.

Image Source:

Top 5 Best Places For Your Visit To Skopje Macedionia

The beautiful Macedonian capital city of Skopje has a lot wonderful sights that attract tourists in their droves. Skopje has a rich culture and history. It was formerly part of the Ottoman Empire, Roman Empire, and old Yugoslavia. It is historically connected with Alexander the Great, one of the greatest generals the world has ever seen, and Mother Theresa. In fact, Skopje is the actual birth place of Mother Theresa. It is, therefore, not surprising that the city is filled with numerous monuments of Alexander the Great.

Skopje is not all about Alexander the Great. There are lots of wonderful sights dotting the city landscape. These are the 5 top best must-see places in Skopje: Read more »

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