Guide to Paragliding In Macedonia as a tourist attraction in Ohrid, Krusevo

Paragliding is a dream coming true-the dream of free flying….using a basic equipment and the power of wind and thermals .It is a relatively new sport with the early beginnings in the 80’s ,being practiced by amateurs and professionals alike. The equipment it’s quite simple , a paraglider has a harness that holds the pilot and a wing. The wing is made of a special fabric, in 2 layers disposed to form a row of cells allowing air to inflate and maintain the shape of the wing.

The harness it is pretty comfortable offering support both as standing and sitting position .The harness is connected to the wing using carabins and a network of lines. There are about 30 lines in a paraglider ,made of very strong materials ,each line alone being able to sustain the weight of the pilot.

Paragliding Free Style

Women Paragliding In Macedonia

The control of the paraglider is made of 2 brakes, one in each hand of the pilot, connected to the ends of the wing, offering speed adjustment and steering as well as flaring on landing .Add-on to the brakes is the weight shifting-leaning on one side or the other to steer better. Also the pilot can use a speed bar, a foot control which attaches to the harness and it is used to increase speed.

Most of pilots use variometers (to show the rate of ascending or descending), radios (to keep in touch with each other or with the ground) and GPS (mostly used for competitions).

The take-off is done from a higher point, like a hill or a slope, using the force of the wind and a bit of skill to get airborne and to fly. Pilots are looking for thermals (columns of air lifting from the earth, due to uneven heating of the ground), to use them like an air elevator and gain altitude in order to glide longer and higher.

For the professional pilots there are competitions organized each year in different corners of the world., on 3 main categories : cross-country (for the greatest distance), accuracy (precision landing on a 3 cm centre out of a 10 m circle) and acro(acrobatic maneuvers and stunts) .

Wild White Eagle Over Skopje

Babe Paragliding above skopje panorama

In Macedonia the sport is well represented, with an active presence in all 3 categories of competition, with many clubs involved in practicing the sport as well as offering classes to beginners and helping them obtaining the pilot license or offering an unforgettable experience in a tandem flight.

The best places to fly are Krushevo, Ohrid and around Skopje, making the sport easy and accessible to the public. Competitions are organized each year in Krushevo and Ohrid, with a large presence of pilots and public.

The sport it is gaining a lot of popularity for the young people and for the ones who like to try something different and a feeling of freedom.


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