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A Tribute To “Vranec”

Considering the fact the the fermented grape juice, or the Wine, has been determined to be the most common yet controvert drink since the known history, we proudly feel to go into a mission and to dive deep into the essence of the wine-making and wine enjoying.

It can not be clearly described what the definition of the Wine itself is. It is a drink. Fact. There a lot of drinks without playing a major role in the history as the Wine has. It is an alcoholic drink, yet no other alcoholic drink has never became legendary enough. Then, what the Wine is?

macedonian wine bottle

macedonian wine bottle

wine bottle glass

Part of the Bible legends for the believers. Jesus had the wine influencing and accompanying his behavior and miracles. By the way, the most wanted artifact since the known history is the holy grail, a simple but precious Wine Cup. Sound so simple, yet so magical.

Linking the centuries and the geographical areas in the world.
Macedonia is located in the Southeast of the Balkan Peninsula and as many have said, got a gift from the God. The perfect sunlight, the perfect ground and the perfect historical background for Wine-making.

Located in the Tikves area, all the major Vineyards exist and are collecting the magical essence form the air and the dirt, creating impossibly beautiful to explain flavors and aromas. Mostly privately owned, some of them with a historical meaning, existing many years back. The current trend and the technological level in the world is motivating all of them to evolve and to advance the process, in order to get close to the perfect wine.

black grapes

black grapes wineyard

wine grapes

wine grapes

As a diverse traveler, I had the opportunity to taste a lot of wines. From Napa Valley in California, through Chile to France. And all of them have the wine in common. But there is something not official, yet very valid. The local, small edition, unknown wines have always been considered for the right shot. The market had the bad influence and had made the commercial and famous wines all similar and flavorless. Cork has been sent to the history and the wine spirit has diminished in most of the places.

Here the Macedonian role gain in power. Organic by default, Macedonian wine-yards and wine-making did not have the time or destiny to go to the wrong way. Still intimate yet big, natural yet advanced, the Macedonian wines got the best combination.

nikolina pisek macedonian wine promotion celebrity

babes eating grapes

tikves winery

Macedonian Winery

From the autochthonous grapevines, the most famous and controversial is the Vranec. The king of the Kings and the holy prayer for the wine drinkers. The color vary from deep red to violet. The aroma is going from a sweet plum jam accompanied with a caramel, to oak aromas with a pinch of chocolate and fresh herbs. Sounds magical, yeah? It is and more than that. The witnesses are all our guests traveling to Macedonia and falling in love with our vines. The feeling of drinking some of the limited or special editions of Vranec has been and unforgettable experience for everybody who ever had a chance to taste it, and it will stay among the unique essences of a wine memories of our always welcomed wine friends form all around the world.

So, next time when you feel like to eat juicy aged beefsteak or maybe some spicy tasty barbecue with the friends, come to Macedonia and get a glass of Vranec!

wine tasting special glasses

wine tasting

grapes and wine bottle outdoors

style pouring wine

breakfast and wine

pizza wine delicious food drinks macedonia

Macedonian citizens and any foreign guests can freely exchange foreign money for denars and vice versa in the banks and many exchange offices.
Recently the new law is passed by the Macedonian Parliament about the use of the foreign currency. Services and goods in Macedonia, can be paid by denars only and not with foreign currency.

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