Skopje the place that gave the world the Cyrillic alphabet

Exhibitions, concerts, trade developments, fairs, student exchanges, humanitarian aid, culture, education, tourism, sport – vital parts the beautiful modern city- Skopje-the academic center of Macedonia.

This town is the heart of the Macedonian metal-processing, chemical, textile, electrical and graphic industries. Skopje is the capital of Macedonian culture, education, science and economy.

skopje main orthodox church

ik bank skopje center

e65 skopje northern bypass highway

view at skopje from kale fortress

As a result of its tumultuous history, many nations live here for centuries. The official language is Macedonian. It is situated at an altitude of 254 m above sea level. Today, Skopje is a modern city but, at the same time an ancient with deep roots in the past and a rich history.

Coming here you can find monuments from the past that are found in and around Skopje including: the church of St. Spas, St. Panteleimon, the monument of Goce Delcev, the monastery of Matka. Actually, it harbours the seats of all states institutions, the Archbishop of the Macedonian Orthodox Church and other major religious communities.

Convincingly it is the major industrial, banking and trading center.

skopje stone bridge river vardar

stone bridge river vardar

soravia trade center skopje

soravija skopje center

The old name of this town is Scupi which in the past became the target of all attacks of barbaric tribes just at the time when Scupi was an architecturally developed urban settlement. Namely, passing from hand to hand through the succeeding centuries and under the military-this city developed on the left bank of Vardar. In this new era of the development, Skopje itself saw the formation and organization of a new modern city but a nation had gone unrecognized by many neighboring countries.

Today, Skopje is a place where many notable artists create and are presented many prominent authors in the world of arts. But what is the most relevant for all of you- visitors and tourists is of course the night life here. Skopje is very much a 24 hour city, where you feel perfectly safe wherever in the city you go. In fact, you feel safer in Skopje than in many others foreign cities you have ever visited.

skopje large detailed map all places

skopje kale fortress macedonian flag

skopje jazz statue

stara carsija old bazaar skopje

If I start writing mentioning the past, all monuments, bridges, hotels etc. it will never be enough pages to write the history of the Macedonian people and language. It was a place humiliated in the past but, respected in the present. A place where you can leave peacefully and feel safe out of reach, traffic jam and out of society.

skopje church macedonia

skopje national stadium


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