Tourism in Macedonia, famous landmarks places to visit

Although Macedonia has a sufficiently high potential to be an attractive tourist destination, this potential has not yet been sufficiently used as a whole.
Republic of Macedonia is situated in southeastern Europe, the Balkan Peninsula, bordering with the Republic of Albania, Serbia, Republic of Kosovo, Bulgaria and Greece.

Macedonia is a country that has the potential and striving for development of alternative tourism, mountain tourism, rural, urban, lake tourism and so on. The road infrastructure is sufficiently developed, so quickly and easily you can travel from one city to another or from one to the other end of the country.

snowy mountains tourism Macedonia

snowy mountains tourism Macedonia

snowy mountains Popova Sapka Macedonia

Pelister Baba Mountain Blue Lake

fortress Kale Skopje

skopje panorama

Republic of Macedonia has a lot to offer tourists who will decide to visit.
If you like rural tourism you can visit the many villages that are few centuries old and you will be kindly welcomed by locals.
Usually around the villages you have the opportunity to visit the many monasteries that are decorated with old and preserved frescoes and icons.

skopje from above

Macedonian parliament house

nice building arhitecture Skopje Ulica Makedonija

Macedonia Street trendy bars cafes

macedonian village ducks in pond

macedonian village panorama

The construction of these monasteries is unique and they themselves are old even after ten centuries and are some of the reasons that are seen with great admiration and are protected as historical and cultural heritage of Macedonia.

Republic of Macedonia may also offer you mountain tourism, where you can stay at any time of the year.
In summer you can escape the hot sun and enjoy the fresh mountain air and relaxed atmosphere, or if you are a fan of winter sports and hot tea besides the fireplace, we recommend you visit one of the beautiful ski centers in Macedonia.

Heraklea Bitola

Heraklea Bitola Mosaics

Heraklea Bitola Mosaics

amphitheatre at Heraklea

Bitola Sirok Sokak Wide Street

Bitola Sirok Sokak Wide Street

Macedonia has a lot to offer in city tourism as well.
Skopje is the capital of Macedonia, which is full of contrasts in population, buildings and offer entertainment and social life. Abounds with historical and cultural facilities, shops, markets, coffee bars, discotheques, shopping malls, and in the immediate vicinity is the ancient city Stobi and the lake Matka.

Bitola is a unique city which has preserved its appearance of its biggest growth. This city is also known as a ”city of Consuls” and here you can enjoy the old atmosphere that is due to old buildings and luxurious facades of the houses around Bitola.

Struga Beach City by Ohrid lake

McDonalds in Ohrid

King Samuils Fortress Entrance

King Samuils Fortress Ohrid Landmark

View from King Samuils Fortress Ohrid

King Samuils Fortress top View

Plaosnik Church Ohrid

Ohrid Panorama City Beach

Sveti Kliment Plaosnik beautiful church build in 13th century

Sveti Kliment Plaosnik church by lake

Ohrid City Museum

Ohrid City Museum Ancient Macedonian House

Ohrid Harbour Lost of Boats

Sveti Naum church

Sveti Kliments statue in Ohrid old many centuries

Sveti Naum statue

Macedonian Panorama

Macedonian Field

If you visit Macedonia we recommend you to visit Ohrid. This city is known as Erusalim on the Balkans as it has one church for every day of the year. That’s why this city is protected by UNESCO.

Macedonia is a relatively safe country in which there is no war and violence so that you can enjoy your stay here and relax without worrying for your safety.
If you decide to visit Macedonia, you will be pleasantly surprised by its beauty, hospitality, the friendly mood of the locals, the wonderful wine and Macedonian cooking and delicious specialties that you will have the opportunity to taste in Macedonia.

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Tourism in Macedonia, famous landmarks and places

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