Top 5 Best Places For Your Visit To Skopje Macedionia

The beautiful Macedonian capital city of Skopje has a lot wonderful sights that attract tourists in their droves. Skopje has a rich culture and history. It was formerly part of the Ottoman Empire, Roman Empire, and old Yugoslavia. It is historically connected with Alexander the Great, one of the greatest generals the world has ever seen, and Mother Theresa. In fact, Skopje is the actual birth place of Mother Theresa. It is, therefore, not surprising that the city is filled with numerous monuments of Alexander the Great.

Skopje is not all about Alexander the Great. There are lots of wonderful sights dotting the city landscape. These are the 5 top best must-see places in Skopje:mother teresa memorial house in skopje macedonia

1. The Millennium Cross: The Millennium Cross—which stands at 66m, making it the biggest cross in the world— was built to commemorate the 2000 years of existence of Christianity. It is therefore a recent addition to the city. This magnificent piece of architectural genus is located at the top of Mount Vodno, overlooking the city center. The lights of the Millennium Cross is usually switched on at night, making it look like a burning cross when view from afar.

2. The Old Stone Bridge: Although it was renovated in the early 1990s, this bridge was built when the city was part of the Ancient Roman Empire. It is one of the relics of the Ancient Roman Empire still found in Skopje. The Old Stone Bridge, built over the Vardar River, connects the ancient part of the city with the modern westernized part of the city. Thus, The Old Stone Bridge connects the city’s past and present.

3. The Old Skopje Bazaar: This place reflects the city’s ties to the old Ottoman Empire, which is why it is dominated by the Turkish and Generic Viagra Albanian Muslim population. It is located in the ancient part of the city. The Old Skopje Bazaar is popularly known as the marketplace (Carsija) because of the numerous shops found in the area. Souvenirs like jewelry, Turkish tea, lace materials, and sculptures can be bought in this market. Also, the Old Skopje Bazaar is the perfect place for visitors to interact with the locals. Thus, the Old Skopje Bazzar is not only a market to shop for souvenirs, but also a place to get to know the locals.

4. Plostad Makedonija Central Square: This is one of the awesome sights of the city. It is decorated with statues of national heroes and a marvelous fountain. Notable among the statues is the one of Alexander the Great riding a big horse. The Central Square also has plenty of restaurants and bars where visitors can have a nice time while enjoying the beautiful view of the square.

5. Mother Theresa’s Memorial House: Mother Theresa was actually born in the city of Skopje and spent early her childhood here. It is expected that the city will honor one of its amazing gifts to the world. The Mother Memorial Theresa’s house was built on the exact location where she was actually born and spent her childhood. This modest house attracts lots of tourists who want to see the actual birthplace of this holy woman.

The city of Skopje is a beauty place to visit. It has lots of amazing sites and wonderful views that tourists will appreciate. Also, there are lots of places where visitors can have their fun in this city. Although Skopje can offer you lots of excitements and fun, you can actually have more fun at the Boxoffice London, watching amazing movies in a magical atmosphere.

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