Can You Use Electronic Cigarete in a Hotel

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We already know – smoking is not allowed in the hotels and hotel rooms. But what about using electronic cigarettes?

Well… Smoking cigarettes is not allowed only because is a bad habit, but also because they are safety hazard. Some studies conducted by the hazard authorities are showing that not small percentage of the fires happened in the homes, residential, commercial or hospitality estates are started by the cigarettes. There are many stories how a smoker which was smoking in the bad feel asleep and the cigarette start the fire… Also there is consideration about other people who are not a smokers and smoking in their vicinity is considered bad for their health, because they are inhaling the smoke form the cigarettes too. This phenomena is also known as a passive smoking.

Many hotels have smoking sensors not only because smoking is not allowed, but also because is considered as a safety hazard.

With electronic cigarette many of Buy Viagra this reasons are simply false:

  • Electronic cigarette is not a safety hazard because there is no fire and ash.
  • Electronic cigarettes do not threat other people in the same room and passive smoking is not possible.
  • Electronic cigarettes are harmless to the smoker if they are using non nicotine e-juice.

E-juice is liquid solution which is used in the electronic cigarette. It can be in hundreds of different flavors. Some of the e-juices can even be without nicotine.

Probably there are many reasons why to buy an electronic cigarette and start using instead of old fashioned tobacco cigarettes. Some of the reasons are:

  • No More Smoker’s Breath
  • No More Offensive Smoke
  • No Ash
  • No Fire / No Flame
  • Cheaper than Cigarettes
  • More Cost Effective/Saves Money
  • No Butts
  • Smoking AlternativeAlternative to Smoking
  • Non –intrusive
  • Smoke “almost” Anywhere

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electronic cigarette smoking in the hotel

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