Wonderful Islands to visit in New Zealand

When the name New Zealand is mentioned, a visual of many islands come to your mind. There are many large islands in the country, each with its unique attraction for visitors. However, there are two large islands where a great number of population lives. This is the South and North Island. The South island is the mainland because it is bigger than the rest. Here is a list of wonderful islands in New Zealand.

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South Island: The South island is the biggest among the many found in the country. It has an area of 151, 215km square with a population of slightly over one millions. It is composed of 23 authorities. The island is famous for tourist activities that form its economic base. It is famous for electricity generation. For tourism, there are various activities in the island including adventure, sightseeing, climbing the glaciers, bungee jumping, kayaking, hiking and family camping. There are also national parks like Fiordland, Tasman Abel and the Westland national parks. There is also good sea, rail and road transport networks.

The North Island: It is the second largest in New Zealand separated from the North Island by Cook Strait. It covers 113, 729km square. There are 12 major cities in the Island making it among the best. This Island is best known for its bird and beautiful floras. Other tourist attractions here include national parks and other government-protected areas. The region is divided into nine local government regions.

The Stewart Island: It is locally known as Rakiura in the local Maori dialect. It is Buy Viagra located 19 miles from the South Island. It is one of the smallest Islands with a small population of about 400 people living in the Oban settlement areas. The island is famous for its fishing activities. It is also famous for the tourists. Tourists enjoy watching different bird species like Shearwater Sooty and Snares.

Chatham Island: Chatham Islands are formed as a group located in the Southern Pacific Ocean. In Maori, it is called the Misty Skies or wharekauri. It is named after the famous ship that docked here in the 17th century. The island takes the shape of the letter T. It is made famous by a lagoon and two bays. There are several settlements here including Kaingaroa and Peter Bays.

Auckland Islands: The Auckland Island is the bigger of Auckland islands and forms un-inhabited area in the Pacific Oceans Southern area. This is one of world heritage zones documented by UNESCO. It has a land area covering 510 mile square. One characteristic that set it apart is the rugged terrain and steep cliffs. Here, you will also get several peaks like Cavern and Raynal Mount Cavern. Within the Island, you will also get the Important Bird Area where millions of bird species breed.

There are also several small islands to visit. If you want to visit them, you have to search for the New Zealand passport site for more information. This includes Great Barrier Island, Resolution, and d’Urville, Campbell, Adams, Waiheke, Secretary, Arapawa, Pitt, Matakana, Raoul, Little Barrier, Rangitoto, Antipodes and Kapiti Islands.

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