Review of football slots game Soccer Safari

Just as football is the most popular team game in Macedonia and is played in just about every other country in the word as well, so too are football themed slots games the most popular of all sports themed slots games that are played at either real or online casinos. One of the more interesting of these is the slot game called Soccer Safari and it has some interesting origins. The game is based on the South African hosted World Cup.
Looking at the structure of the game, it is a 5 reel slot with 30 pay lines and a top jackpot payout of £8,000. In terms of stakes it is a slow rolling game with a betting range of from just 10 pence a spin right up to the single spin maximum bet of €120. There are the usual types of symbols including multipliers, wilds and scatters and the game included various bonus features including free spins. Roulette in is also Viagra 100mg good for wins.
You will either love or hate this game depending on how you view the way in which all of the players, football officials, spectators and even the game commentator are represented as animals from the jungle; you might think that you are in the movie of Jungle Book. It is all part of the fun though. The best bit of the game is the bonus which is triggered when you are able to spin a minimum of three trophy symbols. The bonus is called Go for Goal and the aim is to select a player who is skilled enough to score penalties for you. The more he scores the more you win, so choose him carefully. Different players have different multiplier values, and the best strategy might well be not to pick the player with the highest.
Altogether this is a fun slot for players who enjoy a little fun rather than going for slot games with monster payouts.

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