The Popular Water Parks to Visit with Children in London

If you have kids and you are considering having lots of water fun with them, then London is the place to be. The parks mentioned below are some of the best water parks in the bigger London for you and your kids:

Brentford Fountain

You can have lots of water fun with your kids in this park. At the centre of the fountain, there are two pools. The leisure pool is best for kids to play with a 40-metre-long slide and a fitness pool 25 metres long. There are also badminton and footballs courts for kids. A kid’s timetable helps to organize the events in the park.

Wet n Wild

In this centre you will enjoy swimming activities and keep yourself fit. Two pools exist in the centre and there are swimming sessions provided. One of the pools is a fitness pool 25 metres long, divided to four tracks. The other pool is the leisure pool with two slides and a spa on the side. One slide is 65 metres long and curvy all the way down. A waterfall, wave machine, water jets and a 5-lane slide are other interesting structures found here.

Park Road Centre

It has a main swimming pool and a learner swimming pool for training. It is a good place especially if you are not sure whether your kid can swim without assistance. In the learner pool, swimming and diving lessons are offered by experts. The sessions offered feature the aquatics club, disability and diving sessions.

London Fields Lido

This is an outdoor lido with heated Buy Viagra water. It was closed for sometime but re-opened in the month of October, 2006. You can take your kids to this great place during leisure time and enjoy the heated lido!

Archway Centre

This leisure centre consists of an open leisure pool having a sloping beach. The water at this pool remains at 30 degrees hence quite warm for the kids. Other leisure features offered at this centre include a wave machine, two spas and amazing water jets. At times the centre gets busy to an extent of introducing a batch system where each group is given 90-minute sessions.

Modern Park Pool

Modern Park Pool consists of a 33-metre pool for holding competitions. There is also a training pool and diving facilities for divers. The water runs to a depth of 3.9 metres at the diving sections. A diving board 5 metres long, spring boards and platforms for diving are also offered. At times diving is prohibited and you should be keen to call in advance if you want to go for diving sessions.

Waltham Forest Pool

There are varieties of sporting activities offered here. These include swimming and diving sessions at the main swimming pool. For children under the age of 5 years Toddler World is just an amazing place for them although under the supervision of their parents. There is also an indoor adventure section with playing structures for kids under 9 years.

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