How to Greet Large Group of People

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Very often hotels are accommodating a large groups of people who are arriving together, stay in the hotel a few days or more and then they all leave together. This can happen if some large company have a group meeting or team building event. Also there are organized tours where many people are traveling together and they all check in and check out in the same time.

This groups are large client for any hotel. It is easy to check in and check out or even accommodate hotel guests when they are arriving alone or in the small groups of two, three, four or even a dozen of people. Everybody in the hotel is doing his job and there are no problems. The real problem can show up when thirty, forty or even fifty people will arrive together and they are all expecting professional, fast and bespoke service.

How to deal with this large groups?

First, when they arrive a hotel manager can greet the guests in the front of the hotel (if there are possibilities for that) or more often – he can do this in the lobby of the hotel. A small public speech, not longer then 2-3 minutes can be delivered to the guests, but having in mind that they was traveling, they are tired and probably hungry. So this public speech need to inform the guests about the amenities of the hotel, hotel neighborhood and some other info which can be helpful to the guests during their stay. The group needs to be informed how long will take everybody to be Viagra Online escorted to the room and when the next meal will be served. If the group is larger at the end of this welcome public speech, the manager can ask the tour guide to split the groups in two or three and while the first group take the rooms the others to have refreshment in the lobby or the hotel restaurant.

Most managers of the hotels are skilled speakers. They must have skills for presentation and public speeches. This is a part of their everyday job, because hospitality business and hotel business is all about personal and public relations. Hotels are dealing with large groups of people where they have needs on the group level, but personal too. Hotel manager and the staff needs to know how to deal with the guests on the daily basis.

Some skills can not be developed or learned alone. Presentation skills and public speeches are skills which can not be learned during the high school or at home. Some universities are offering a presentation skills training courses and public speeches training courses but not all. This is more like a rule if the person have technical background, because on the technical universities this skills are always in the second plan. Fortunately there are skill studios where people can take presentation and public speaking training courses. In such a skill studio there are soft skills experts which will guide you thru the whole process of learning this skills.

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For more info about presentation skills training courses please visit this link.

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