Few Tips for Going on the TRIP With Your RV

What you can expect if you travel countries as a modern nomad.

modern recreational vehicle

If you are planning to spend your next vacation in your recreational vehicle we would like to recommend you a few things before you get on the road:

1. If your recreation vehicle is older than three years, you need to preform annual MOT test. Many RV owners are forgetting to preform MOT testing, just because they are using their RV just a month or two during the year. We know many people who postponed their trip just because they forget to preform their MOT test on time.

2. The MOT testing will show you what is going on with the technical and safety issues with your RV, but they will not inform you about what you need to take with you to increase your comfort during the travel. So it is in your discretion to supply your RV with fresh water, LPG, canned food, first aid kit or even fully stuffed medic bag and other things you will need during your trip.

3. Try to locate and find a car servicing garages which you can contact if you will have any problem with your RV. Write their telephone numbers and addresses on the piece of paper and keep it safe.

4. Try to search internet and learn as much as possible for the countries you would like to visit. Knowing a several basic things about the country and few words can change a lot. People everywhere just love if you can say “hello” or “how do you do” on their language. There is no country which is exception of this rule.

5. If you are planning to bring some friends with you, keep in mind that no everybody can be a pleasant company 24 hours per day in the next several weeks. Many friendships were broken after a few weeks in the confined RV space.

I had a few trips in RV together with a bunch if my friends. When I was a college student the RV trip was looking excellent way to travel and meet people. After a few years, marriage and a kid, RV trips are not that pleasant as they were during the youth years. I still recommend RV trips, but only if you do not have any commitments or you can get away a week or two from your every day obligations…

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