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Why Is Macau the World’s First Choice for Gambling?

For those who think that Las Vegas is the world’s leading gambling destination, they need to step into the 21st century. There is a new king of the world when it comes to gambling, and that king is Macau. The Chinese territory was owned by the Portuguese for hundreds of years, but like Hong Kong […]

Seven No-Nos When Visiting Hong Kong

Seven No-Nos When Visiting Hong Kong Avoid Doing These Things and Have a Better Trip Photo by David Veksler / Flickr If you’re thinking about a trip or vacation to Hong Kong, you’re in for the adventure of a lifetime – if you’re careful and know what you’re doing. In a city like Hong Kong […]

Few Tips for Going on the TRIP With Your RV

If you are planning to spend your next vacation in your recreational vehicle we would like to recommend you a few things before you get on the road:

1. If your recreation vehicle is older than three years, you need to preform annual MOT test. Many RV owners are forgetting to preform MOT testing, just because they are using their RV just a month or two during the year. We know many people who postponed their trip just because they forget to preform their MOT test on time.

Top 5 Best Places For Your Visit To Skopje Macedionia

The beautiful Macedonian capital city of Skopje has a lot wonderful sights that attract tourists in their droves. Skopje has a rich culture and history. It was formerly part of the Ottoman Empire, Roman Empire, and old Yugoslavia. It is historically connected with Alexander the Great, one of the greatest generals the world has ever […]

5 Great Travel Ideas For The Person Who Loves Water

5 Great Travel Ideas For The Person Who Loves Water

If you are someone who loves water, the world is absolutely full of fantastic holiday destinations. Whether you want to be doing exciting activities in it, on it or just lazing around next to it, the following great ideas are sure to hit the spot for that lover of water. Try one or all of them and treat yourself to that holiday you’ve been dreaming of.

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