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Guide to Paragliding In Macedonia as a tourist attraction in Ohrid, Krusevo

Paragliding is a dream coming true-the dream of free flying….using a basic equipment and the power of wind and thermals .It is a relatively new sport with the early beginnings in the 80’s ,being practiced by amateurs and professionals alike. The equipment it’s quite simple , a paraglider has a harness that holds the pilot and a wing. The wing is made of a special fabric, in 2 layers disposed to form a row of cells allowing air to inflate and maintain the shape of the wing.

Paragliding Free Style

Women Paragliding In Macedonia

The harness it is pretty comfortable offering support both as standing and sitting position .The harness is connected to the wing using carabins and a network of lines. There are about 30 lines in a paraglider ,made of very strong materials ,each line alone being able to sustain the weight of the pilot.

Football Federation of Macedonia Soccer History Clubs League Goals

The first football match in Macedonia, which gave a start up to the football in Macedonia, was played on the 20th of April 1919. The selection of the English Army, which consisted of the greatest players among the recruits, played a match against the team of “Napredak” from Skopje. The game finished with a winning score of 2:0 for “Napredak”.

Macedonian Fans Crowd Singing National Songs

Macedonian Fans

At that place, where the first match in Macedonia was played, a monument in the shape of a football ball that weighted 250 kilograms was put in 1979.

A lot of football teams were formed in the period from 1909 till 2002. The first team was “FK Vardar” – Skopje, which was founded in 1912 in Skopje. During the Second World War, the selection of Macedonian football teams played against the selection of the German Army, and as well as against Bulgaria. In the period from 1900 till 1991, Macedonia didn’t have her own National Football Representation, because it was a part of Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY).

Goran Pandev International Football Star

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