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Top 5 Best Places For Your Visit To Skopje Macedionia

The beautiful Macedonian capital city of Skopje has a lot wonderful sights that attract tourists in their droves. Skopje has a rich culture and history. It was formerly part of the Ottoman Empire, Roman Empire, and old Yugoslavia. It is historically connected with Alexander the Great, one of the greatest generals the world has ever […]

Why go to Skopje?

As the capital of the modern Republic of Macedonia, Skopje is located about 100 K east of the Adriatic Sea which separates it from Italy, and just south of Bosnia and Romania. Though it has taken attributes from all of the places surrounding it during its long history, it is a totally unique and modern […]

Tourism in Macedonia, famous landmarks places to visit

Although Macedonia has a sufficiently high potential to be an attractive tourist destination, this potential has not yet been sufficiently used as a whole.
Republic of Macedonia is situated in southeastern Europe, the Balkan Peninsula, bordering with the Republic of Albania, Serbia, Republic of Kosovo, Bulgaria and Greece.

Macedonia is a country that has the potential and striving for development of alternative tourism, mountain tourism, rural, urban, lake tourism and so on. The road infrastructure is sufficiently developed, so quickly and easily you can travel from one city to another or from one to the other end of the country.

snowy mountains tourism Macedonia

snowy mountains tourism Macedonia

snowy mountains Popova Sapka Macedonia

Pelister Baba Mountain Blue Lake

fortress Kale Skopje

skopje panorama

Skopje the place that gave the world the Cyrillic alphabet

Exhibitions, concerts, trade developments, fairs, student exchanges, humanitarian aid, culture, education, tourism, sport – vital parts the beautiful modern city- Skopje-the academic center of Macedonia.

This town is the heart of the Macedonian metal-processing, chemical, textile, electrical and graphic industries. Skopje is the capital of Macedonian culture, education, science and economy.

skopje main orthodox church

ik bank skopje center

e65 skopje northern bypass highway

view at skopje from kale fortress

As a result of its tumultuous history, many nations live here for centuries. The official language is Macedonian. It is situated at an altitude of 254 m above sea level. Today, Skopje is a modern city but, at the same time an ancient with deep roots in the past and a rich history.

Guide to Paragliding In Macedonia as a tourist attraction in Ohrid, Krusevo

Paragliding is a dream coming true-the dream of free flying….using a basic equipment and the power of wind and thermals .It is a relatively new sport with the early beginnings in the 80’s ,being practiced by amateurs and professionals alike. The equipment it’s quite simple , a paraglider has a harness that holds the pilot and a wing. The wing is made of a special fabric, in 2 layers disposed to form a row of cells allowing air to inflate and maintain the shape of the wing.

Paragliding Free Style

Women Paragliding In Macedonia

The harness it is pretty comfortable offering support both as standing and sitting position .The harness is connected to the wing using carabins and a network of lines. There are about 30 lines in a paraglider ,made of very strong materials ,each line alone being able to sustain the weight of the pilot.

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