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Why Is Macau the World’s First Choice for Gambling?

For those who think that Las Vegas is the world’s leading gambling destination, they need to step into the 21st century. There is a new king of the world when it comes to gambling, and that king is Macau. The Chinese territory was owned by the Portuguese for hundreds of years, but like Hong Kong […]

Seven No-Nos When Visiting Hong Kong

Seven No-Nos When Visiting Hong Kong Avoid Doing These Things and Have a Better Trip Photo by David Veksler / Flickr If you’re thinking about a trip or vacation to Hong Kong, you’re in for the adventure of a lifetime – if you’re careful and know what you’re doing. In a city like Hong Kong […]

Few Tips for Going on the TRIP With Your RV

If you are planning to spend your next vacation in your recreational vehicle we would like to recommend you a few things before you get on the road:

1. If your recreation vehicle is older than three years, you need to preform annual MOT test. Many RV owners are forgetting to preform MOT testing, just because they are using their RV just a month or two during the year. We know many people who postponed their trip just because they forget to preform their MOT test on time.

How to Greet Large Group of People

hotel greeting public speech

Very often hotels are accommodating a large groups of people who are arriving together, stay in the hotel a few days or more and then they all leave together. This can happen if some large company have a group meeting or team building event. Also there are organized tours where many people are traveling together and they all check in and check out in the same time.

This groups are large client for any hotel. It is easy to check in and check out or even accommodate hotel guests when they are arriving alone or in the small groups of two, three, four or even a dozen of people. Everybody in the hotel is doing his job and there are no problems. The real problem can show up when thirty, forty or even fifty people will arrive together and they are all expecting professional, fast and bespoke service.

Review of football slots game Soccer Safari

Just as football is the most popular team game in Macedonia and is played in just about every other country in the word as well, so too are football themed slots games the most popular of all sports themed slots games that are played at either real or online casinos.

The Popular Water Parks to Visit with Children in London

If you have kids and you are considering having lots of water fun with them, then London is the place to be. The parks mentioned below are some of the best water parks in the bigger London for you and your kids:

Brentford Fountain

You can have lots of water fun with your kids in this park. At the centre of the fountain, there are two pools. The leisure pool is best for kids to play with a 40-metre-long slide and a fitness pool 25 metres long. There are also badminton and footballs courts for kids. A kid’s timetable helps to organize the events in the park.

Wet n Wild

In this centre you will enjoy swimming activities and keep yourself fit. Two pools exist in the centre and there are swimming sessions provided. One of the pools is a fitness pool 25 metres long, divided to four tracks. The other pool is the leisure pool with two slides and a spa on the side. One slide is 65 metres long and curvy all the way down. A waterfall, wave machine, water jets and a 5-lane slide are other interesting structures found here.

Wonderful Islands to visit in New Zealand

When the name New Zealand is mentioned, a visual of many islands come to your mind. There are many large islands in the country, each with its unique attraction for visitors. However, there are two large islands where a great number of population lives. This is the South and North Island. The South island is the mainland because it is bigger than the rest. Here is a list of wonderful islands in New Zealand.

Enjoying the Culture of Hobart, Australia

Hobart is the capital city of Tasmania set in a lovely natural harbour setting that fuses both vintage and modern atmospheres. With a penal colony history from the 1800s, it is one of the oldest cities in Australia. Hobart offers fascinating historical influenced landscapes, as well as contemporary art and culture. Stay at one of the great Tasmania hotels in Hobart and soak in some of these beautiful places that you’ll ever see in Australia.

Hobart, Australia

Salamanca Place

Located in Sullivans Cove, Salamanca Place is a popular place to meet friends. The area is lined with a long row of 1800s waterfront sandstone warehouses that now house alfresco cafes and restaurants, jewellers, craft shops, fashion boutiques and subterranean bookshops. On Saturdays, you can visit the famous Salamanca Market where you can find a variety of clothing, home wares, fresh fruit and vegetables. Stalls are sheltered under sun umbrellas.

Up the stairs of Salamanca Place, you’ll also find the Salamanca Arts Centre and surrounding art studios and galleries. The courtyard is great for music lovers where you can catch the Rektango band play gypsy, jazz and swing music.

Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

Located in Macquarie Street, this exquisite place celebrates the natural and cultural heritage of Tasmania. It features presentations and exhibits on Aboriginal art, Tasmania’s ancient origins, flora and fauna, Tasmanian tiger, gemstones, and 19th century and modern artworks.

The architecture here is of rare historical buildings including the Commissariat Store, Private Secretary’s Cottage, Custom House, Bond Store and Queen’s Warehouse. Each building includes information on their animal past.

The 8 Best Hostels in Auckland

Auckland is a city of picturesque waters, towering skyscrapers, diverse wildlife, friendly people and lively night life. It’s a city where you can stand atop a volcano, ride a jet boat on a stunning harbour and sit down for world-renowned cuisine all in the space of a day. For backpackers travelling New Zealand, then, spending a few nights in Auckland is an absolute must. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best hostels in the city of Auckland.

aukland hostels

Pentlands Backpackers Hostel
22 Pentland Avenue, Mount Eden, Auckland

A spacious home full of character, Pentlands Backpackers Hostel is situated in Mount Eden on 2500 square metres worth of land. Because it’s located a little bit out of the city (you’re looking at a 40 minute walk into the CBD, or a 10 minute bus ride), this makes for a quieter stay, which is great if that’s what you’re looking for. The staff are super friendly, the surroundings are serene and the bathrooms and kitchen have been recently renovated.

Surf ‘N’ Snow Backpackers
Level 1, 102 Albert Street, Auckland

Located directly across from Auckland’s Sky Tower (the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere!), Surf ‘N’ Snow Backpackers is just minutes away from everything you need in the Auckland CBD. It doesn’t have the reputation for being the cleanest or quietest location, but the staff are friendly and helpful, and you definitely cannot beat the location.

Town Surf and Country: 3 Aussie Getaways

Australia is an incredibly popular tourist destination, and it’s easy to see why. Firstly, there are the incredibly beautiful beaches, renowned the world over as being some of the most breathtaking in the world. Secondly there is the great weather, friendly locals, vibrant cities and peaceful country towns. In short, it’s Australia’s diversity that makes it so appealing, and as a result there is always something to grab your attention, no matter what your tastes are. Whether your ideal Aussie adventure includes booking your Ballarat accommodation and exploring the history of the Australian gold rush or lazing on the beach somewhere with a cocktail in hand, this great big country has got you covered. It might even show you something you didn’t know you wanted…

Surfers Paradise Australia


If towns and cities are your idea of a good time, Australia will not disappoint. Whether you’re headed for the tropical sunny city of Brisbane, the stunning splendour of Sydney or the artsy culture of Melbourne, Australia’s cities are as unique and diverse as her citizens. If you’re headed to Sydney, make sure you take advantage of some harbourside scenery, and if you’re in Melbourne then take the opportunity to shop up a storm in the fashion capital of Australia! Before a lot of tourists visit Australia they often assume that we’re little more than nice beaches and dusty desert—but once they arrive and discover the thriving cosmopolitan centres that most Australians call home, their perspective shifts a little and they can appreciate Australia for the modern, exciting and vibrant nation that it is today.

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