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Why Is Macau the World’s First Choice for Gambling?

For those who think that Las Vegas is the world’s leading gambling destination, they need to step into the 21st century. There is a new king of the world when it comes to gambling, and that king is Macau. The Chinese territory was owned by the Portuguese for hundreds of years, but like Hong Kong […]

Industry Challenges Facing Hoteliers Looking for a Hotel for Sale

There are several different individuals who may be looking for a hotel property for sale. There are retirees who have some money they wish to invest in order to enhance the quality of their lives and add to their pension. The second group are students who have graduated from an university and are anxious to put their new found skills and knowledge to work. Securing employment can be a challenge for some graduates and others simply do not wish to be employed by anyone, they wish to be in charge of their own fortunes and destinies.

Few Tips for Going on the TRIP With Your RV

If you are planning to spend your next vacation in your recreational vehicle we would like to recommend you a few things before you get on the road:

1. If your recreation vehicle is older than three years, you need to preform annual MOT test. Many RV owners are forgetting to preform MOT testing, just because they are using their RV just a month or two during the year. We know many people who postponed their trip just because they forget to preform their MOT test on time.

How to Greet Large Group of People

hotel greeting public speech

Very often hotels are accommodating a large groups of people who are arriving together, stay in the hotel a few days or more and then they all leave together. This can happen if some large company have a group meeting or team building event. Also there are organized tours where many people are traveling together and they all check in and check out in the same time.

This groups are large client for any hotel. It is easy to check in and check out or even accommodate hotel guests when they are arriving alone or in the small groups of two, three, four or even a dozen of people. Everybody in the hotel is doing his job and there are no problems. The real problem can show up when thirty, forty or even fifty people will arrive together and they are all expecting professional, fast and bespoke service.

Review of football slots game Soccer Safari

Just as football is the most popular team game in Macedonia and is played in just about every other country in the word as well, so too are football themed slots games the most popular of all sports themed slots games that are played at either real or online casinos.

The Popular Water Parks to Visit with Children in London

If you have kids and you are considering having lots of water fun with them, then London is the place to be. The parks mentioned below are some of the best water parks in the bigger London for you and your kids:

Brentford Fountain

You can have lots of water fun with your kids in this park. At the centre of the fountain, there are two pools. The leisure pool is best for kids to play with a 40-metre-long slide and a fitness pool 25 metres long. There are also badminton and footballs courts for kids. A kid’s timetable helps to organize the events in the park.

Wet n Wild

In this centre you will enjoy swimming activities and keep yourself fit. Two pools exist in the centre and there are swimming sessions provided. One of the pools is a fitness pool 25 metres long, divided to four tracks. The other pool is the leisure pool with two slides and a spa on the side. One slide is 65 metres long and curvy all the way down. A waterfall, wave machine, water jets and a 5-lane slide are other interesting structures found here.

Can You Use Electronic Cigarete in a Hotel

We already know – smoking is not allowed in the hotels. But what about using electronic cigarettes?

Wonderful Islands to visit in New Zealand

When the name New Zealand is mentioned, a visual of many islands come to your mind. There are many large islands in the country, each with its unique attraction for visitors. However, there are two large islands where a great number of population lives. This is the South and North Island. The South island is the mainland because it is bigger than the rest. Here is a list of wonderful islands in New Zealand.

Skopje Real Estate Market

Skopje real-estate market predictions for 2013, shows a relatively saturated market conditions. It seems there are more properties than buyers. This will result in 2-3% price drop in the first quarter of the year. In the second and third quarter of 2013, market prices will continue to slowly go down due to the introduction of the new properties which are already scheduled to be finished in this period.

How to find the best same-day hotel deals

If you are fueling your car this summer for a trip and have not booked your hotel yet, you can try several new cell apps and a website to find tonight or only hotel deals that may land you some attractive discounts.

I”ll give you one example. If you had been tooling around some city

you could have used the, Priceline Hotel & Car Negotiator app to find a Tonight-Only deal at the some of the city hotels for a lower rate, including taxes and fees. Some time the same room at the same property was going much higher on

last-minute hotel deals

But you need to comparison shop because a “deal” isn’t always a legitimate bargain or the amount of actual savings compared to an advance booking may be exaggerated., Hotel Tonight, Orbitz and Priceline are among the providers of these tonight-only, or same-day, hotel rates. And with these types of deals, you always know the name of the hotel and the rate in advance, as opposed to booking sites where you bid on undisclosed properties.

The way it generally works is that you can use their cell apps and, in the case of, its website, too, to secure sometimes the substantial discounts for stays for that same evening. In some cases, depending on the property, you can extend the stay and the rate for subsequent nights.

Hotel Tonight, Priceline and load their same day rates about mid-day local time, and usually for a select number of properties with which they have negotiated special deals.

For example, if you pull the car over at some hotel for a rest stop at 9:05 a.m. and want to get a head start on searching for that night’s room in that city, you might see the following message from Hotel Tonight:

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