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Skopje Real Estate Market

Skopje real-estate market predictions for 2013, shows a relatively saturated market conditions. It seems there are more properties than buyers. This will result in 2-3% price drop in the first quarter of the year. In the second and third quarter of 2013, market prices will continue to slowly go down due to the introduction of the new properties which are already scheduled to be finished in this period.

Macedonia currency

Macedonian currency is Macedonian denar (MKD). The smaller currency is Deni, but they are not in use anymore. One hundred deni makes one denar.

Macedonia Currency

Macedonian Denar was introduced on April 26, 1992. At the time of its introduction, Macedonian Denar was equivalent to the Yugoslavian Convertible dinar. On May 5, 1993, Macedonian denar was denominated from being an Old denar to a New denar, with one New denar (MKD) being equal to 100 Old denar (MKN).

Skopje Hotels – walking distances from the center of the city

f you are Skopje visitor which is interested to book a room or apartment in the Skopje hotels situated in the very city center or hotels with a few minutes walking distance from the center, you will find this article very useful.

Macedonian Flag

There are plenty hotels which are situated in the city center or very close of the city center. One of these hotels is Hotel Square. This hotel is ideally situated in the business building which face the main city square. The walking distance from the Skopje central shopping mall is just a minute.

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